Saturday, September 11, 2010


Oskoreien is an American atmospheric black metal band led by Jay Valena, utilizing elements of neofolk and black metal.

In European folk mythology, the Oskoreien were a phantasmal horde of dead souls who roamed the land, often portrayed as being led by Odin, the Norse god of poetry and war. 

Here we have their 2009 Promo for download, approved by Jay Valena, I think this needs to be heard guys, pretty neat stuff IMO

Get the music off the official website -


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Anonymous said...

Great songs. Can't you offer them to such a service? The music I hear in waiting loops is always boring :-)

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Sabbir Ahmed said...

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Lion King Tickets said...

Oskoreien have pretty nice tracks, you can say that they are in first five bands of LA. I wish they keep on going on the path of fame.

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