Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gojira - Discography

Genre: Progressive Death/Thrash/Groove Metal
Country: France
Bitrate: 320 kbps

Joe Duplantier - Vocals & Guitar (Empalot, Cavalera Conspiracy)
Christian Andreu - Guitar
Jean-Michel Labadie - Bass
Mario Duplantier - Drums (Empalot)

Alex - Bass


Info: 192kbps CBR MP3
Size: 25MB

Download : Megaupload


Size: 160.78 MB


Part 1
Part 2
THE LINK (2003)

Size: 127 MB


Part 1 
Part 2


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Size: 174.03 MB

Download: Part 1
Part 2

The Way of All Flesh (2008)

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kreator - Enemy Of God Revisted DVD (2006)

Label: Steamhammer Records

Released: 2006

Their second DVD. It features 2 shows. The first show recorded at Wacken 2005 (1 hour long), and the second show recorded live in Germany, at Rockpalast (40 min. long). Also included is their 'Enemy Of God' video.

Running time: 1h:42 min. total
Format: AVI/DivX
Size: 1.3 GB
Screen Resolution: 384 x 224 - 16:9 / 624 x 472 - 4:3
Audio format: AC3 / 224 kbps

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Forums For Metal Discussion

If any of you metal junkies are interested, we have a site called At these forums are a place to discuss any genre of metal and beyond. The Abattoir666 boards. You do have to sign up but it will be worth your while if you are a fan of discussion boards.

Head on over to the site to first sign up and then go here to start discussing your favorite metal bands and genres. It is a very open site. We want the metal section to grow as much as possible. Check it out as soon as you can!

The results of the last poll are here as follows
Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal 29 votes (21%)
Raw Black Metal 37 Votes (27%)

Progressive Black Metal 2 Votes (1%)
Black/Death Metal 18 Votes (13%)
Symphonic Black Metal 11 Votes (8%)
United States Black Metal 2 Votes (1%)
Ambient Black Metal 5 Votes (3%)
Atmospheric Black Metal 10 Votes (7%)
Pagan Black Metal 17 Votes (12%)
Avant Garde Black Metal 4 Votes (2%)

Since you have expressed your opinion through this, we would ensure we post albums pertaining to these genres on a regular basis. Thanks.

Fen - The Malediction Fields (2009)

Genre(s) : Atmospheric black metal/post rock
Lyrical theme(s) : Solitude, Sorrow, Landscape, Nature...
Origin - United Kingdom
Tracklist -
1. Exiles Journey 08:08
2. A Witness to the Passing of Aeons 07:07
3. Colossal Voids 08:32
4. As Buried Spirits Stir 06:58
5. The Warren 07:10
6. Lashed by Storm 08:54
7. Bereft 11:49
Total playing time 58:38
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sombres ForĂȘts - Royaume De Glace [2008]

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Misanthropy, Darkness, Nature
Origin: Quebec

This album has an amazingly dark feel to it. I know that most black metal albums do, but this one pulls it off very well. Some BM albums try to hard, this one is just right. The vocals are very high pitched and sharp with a few lower chords thrown in. The guitar riffs are rough and raw at some points, and other points are smooth with the right amount of bend. In this album, the band has thrown in some acoustic riffs at times and it flows very well with the heavy shit. Just a great BM album to have. I recommend this to any Black Metal fan out there.

Here is a link to a review for this album.

1. Intro
2. Royaume De Glace
3. The Forest
4. Cold Forgotten Earth
5. La Nuit
6. L'oeil Nocturne
7. Solstice

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The Black - Alongside Death (2008)

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Sweden


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prevalent Resistance - Eternal Return [2008]

Genre: Raw Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Antichristian, Creation & Destruction, Satan
Origin: Finland

Great raw black metal from Finland. You will not be disappointed, especially if you are a fan of raw black metal. And who isn't. This is the bands newset release.

1. From Beyond The Chains
2. Altars of our Black Cult
3. On Wings of Steel
4. The Eternal Return
5. Apotheosis

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Feedback Time

Hey fellow metalheads. I was thinking maybe all of you who visit the blog maybe giving some feedback as to what you might wanna see on here. Maybe some album reviews or at least thoughts on an album we post. Some more opinion pieces about certain things in metal music today. Or even some good poll idea's. We want to know what you think. Hell, maybe even some metal news stories. This is your chance to tell us what you want to see. Leave us some comments on this post with your opinions if you would. We always want to keep the fans happy. And we appreciate your support of our blog. Thanks.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nocturnal Depression - Reflections of a Sad Soul [2008]

Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Suicide, Sorrow, Despair, Death, Nature
Origin: France

1. Intro
2. The Whispering Spectrum
3. Fading Away in the Fog
4. Solitude and Despair
5. Her Ghost Haunts These Walls
6. Nevica
7. Untitled

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Hellwitch - Syzygial Miscreancy (1990)

Genre: Technical/Thrash Death Metal
Released as WRR 023
Line-up :
Patrick Ranieri - Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Mouser - Bass
Joe "Witch" Schnessel - Drums
All Lyrics By Patrick Ranieri
Engineered By Scott Burns
Recorded & Mixed At Morrisound Studios, Tampa,FL
Tracklist -
1. The Ascent 00:34
2. Nosferatu 02:31
3. Viral Exogence 04:53
4. Sentient Transmography 04:42
5. Mordirivial Dissemination 06:02
6. Pyrophoric Seizure 03:19
7. Purveyor Of Fear 03:44
Total playing time 25:48
Download: Rapidshare

Pestilence - Discography

Genre: Technical/Thrash/Progressive Death Metal
Origin: Holland
1987-88 - Malleus Maleficarum + The Penance Demo + Dysentry Demo
1989 - Consuming Impulse
1991 - Testimony of the Ancients
1993 - Spheres
I've posted only the full length's, Malleus Maleficarum link has their two initial demos too.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trauma (Pol) - Discography

Genre: Death Metal/Technical Death Metal
Origin: Poland
1996 - Comedy Is Over
1998 - Daimonion
2000 - Suffocated In Slumber
2003 - Imperfect Like A God
2005 - DetermiNation
2007 - Neurotic Mass
I've posted only their full length's.