Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bode Preto - Brazilian OSDM

I'm listening to the work of Bode Preto, a Brazilian band that approached us to help promote them, the band has plenty of OSDM influences, the guitar tone is good, a environment sensitive bassist and an adept drummer, add a good production sense to all of this and you have Bode Preto.

The only complaint I have about this trio is that their songs are short, otherwise, this band certainly has a good long future, Good luck Bode Preto.

Please check them out here, their 2010 EP is available for free download -

Dark Night EP direct link:


Saturday, August 7, 2010

For Bands submitting/submitted their Work

Thank you so much, life happened and I neglected all this, I've individually replied to each and every band till my hands gave up.

Please send all your work to abattoir666[attherateof]g m a i l[dot]c o m

And we'll definitely promise that we will promote you post a listen or two.

Thanks again for sending so many requests, we will ensure everyone's work is given enough attention and given as much publicity as needed.


Imperium - MMX (2010)

Genre: Instrumental Progressive Thrash Metal
Country: Canada
Format: mp3@CBR256kbps

1. March of the Legion 06:08
2. Leviathan Rising 06:52
3. The Fall of Olympus 06:34
4. Eos & Phobos 06:18
5. Charon's Wrath 08:22
6. Torn from Elysium 04:20
7. Across the Styx 04:56
8. Into the Pit of Tratarus 07:42

Total playing time: 51:12

Download: LINK


Hello fello metalheads, looks like months of inactivity from our end has not undone your interest in quest for good metal music.

Hopefully, we will update the blog at regular intervals from now on and like always, please buy Cd's of bands that you like. These bands need our support more than anything.