Saturday, July 12, 2008

Melancolia - The Dark Reflections of Your Soul (2005)

Genre: Melodic/Progressive Black Metal
Tracklist -
1. Les Étoiles Aspirent Ma Vie
2. Spiritus Ubi Vult Spirat
3. With Suffering And Need
4. The Taste Of You
5. A Forgotten Tongue
6. Rain
7. The Dark Reflections Of Your Soul
8. In My Memory
9. November
Total playing time: 01:09:48
One man project that took 7 years to complete this album, and it really shows. Masterpiece of melancholy, and dare I say it, beauty.This album transcends all genres, taking influences from many places and using complex and evolving melodies to achieve incredible progression within excellent song structures.


Dr. House said...

Great fucking album.

Chris said...

This stuff is godly. The first truly perfect album I've heard in a long time.