Monday, July 21, 2008

Poll Results and etc . . .

Greetings Metalheads and Abattoir666 visitors, these are results of the poll that we conducted last time, we're glad we got 40 votes in this poll, the results are as follows
Black Metal 8 (20%)
Doom Metal 7 (17%)
Thrash Metal 5 (12%)
Death Metal 5 (12%)
Sucidal/Depressive Black Metal 4 (10%)
Classic Heavy Metal 3 (7%)
Progressive Metal 2 (5%)
Melodic Death Metal 2 (5%)
Atmospheric Metal 1 (2%)
Operatic Metal 1 (2%)
Folk Metal 1 (2%)
Industrial Metal 1 (2%)
Now we guess we know what you want to see in this blog, we have our personal choices while posting but we would like to keep in mind your choice and post something that would suit the visiors. Thanks, keep visiting us and for anything that you want to comment or bring to our notice, shoot us a mail or use the shoutbox :)
If you have a band and want us to promote your band/music do write to us, we'd be more than glad to feature your band here (only after a listen :P) \m/
Cheers, Drizzling Blur.

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