Friday, September 12, 2008

Folkodia - Odes from the Past (2008)

Genre : Folk/Viking Metal
Origin : International12 musicians from 9 different countries (Greece, Switzerland, Lithuania, USA, France, Ireland, Argentina, England, Italy) participate in Folkodia, notably musicians from Folkearth, Cruachan, Excelsis (Che), Sunuthar, Minhyriath, Frekkr, Hildr Valkyrie, Dol Amroth, Giltine's Gintaras and other bands and projects. (M.A)
1.Thus A Viking Dies 04:25
2.Born of Thunder 03:23
3.Into Battle 02:55
4.The Malevolent 05:43
5.Defenders on the Wall 04:33
6.High Up In the Sky 02:12
7.Bound for Valhalla 03:55
8.The Swords of King Harald III 04:20
9.In the Realm of Manannan 02:59
10.Sons of Europe 04:43
Total playing time 39:08

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