Saturday, September 13, 2008

Virulent Blessing - ..As Creativity Turns Into Lunacy (2007)

Genre: Technical/Experimental Death Metal
Origin: Finland
Tracklist -
2.Carnal Mind
4.Childhood (Instrumental)
6.Celebration of Human Decay (part II)
Virulent Blessing is a band which has it's own style and approach to it's metal music, the band plays an interesting mix of technical death metal combined with interludes which will amaze the listener about the band's music writing ability, insane vocals, extremely headbang'able riffs. ear exploding drums and sudden shifts in music within songs to an other structure that fits in perfectly with the rest of the song and vocals pushing the inner ability to newer heights, the heavy riffs always lay on the strength of the harmonies that guitars wove to interconnect their thought process with the listener, a totally unique experience !
Highly recommended for Tech Death fans \m/

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